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Our philosophy on support is: call us as much as you need or want, without getting nickeled-and-dimed. Pay a flat fee for our support.

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HelpDesk application downloads to your computer to start support session.


During the session, the technician remotely takes full control of your computer.

Please note that your support calls will be reviewed and answered within the next business day.
For support, please call (204) 663-6240.
After hours support, please call (204) 299-9980.

Annual Support Guidelines


Retail Management Systems Wpg Ltd. (RMS) is proud to offer an Annual Support Contract to all RMS clients who use NCR Counterpoint software. Our priority is to ensure that we offer you an exceptional level of support to ensure that you get the most out of your system, and investment. Investing in an RMS Annual Support Contract gives you the freedom to call us whenever you need support without wondering “Am I going to get a bill for this?” It is our goal to ensure your system is fully functional and meets your business needs.

Annual Support Guidelines

Support During regular business hours:

  • Calling with any Questions/Problems with the system (under 1 hour)
  • Additional Training/ Review of Counterpoint (under 1 hour)
  • Service Hours for upgrades
  • Configuration Requests for Standard Functions of Counterpoint

Support Services By appointment: *

  • Software Installation for Counterpoint
  • Hardware Installation for Counterpoint

*scheduled a minimum of one week in advance.

After Hours Emergency Support

Calling our emergency support number, outside of RMS regular business hours, in the event that you are experiencing an Urgent – System Down situation during your regular business hours.

  • Custom Projects/Reports (Not a normal function of Counterpoint)
  • Customizing receipts and forms requiring more than 1 hour to complete
  • Onsite Services Technical/Training
  • Travel Expenses
  • Retail Consultation
  • CP Retail Applications Support (NCR Directly Supports their online retail applications
  • Inventory Scanner Rental
  • Inventory Assistance
  • After hours server migration, Counterpoint installations or other work taking place after regular RMS business hours as requested by the customer

**RMS requests that you provide a 30-day window for completion of billable services requests. 

Billable Services

We will inform you if your request is a billable service that does not fall under your RMS Annual Support Contract. No work will take place until we receive your written authorization to perform your requested service(s) at the mutually agreed upon price.

There are two parts in maintaining optimal performance of your Counterpoint system.

  1. Investing in the RMS Annual Support Contract as described previously.
  2. Investing in NCR Counterpoint Subscription Services (CSS).
    1. CSS is a fee paid to NCR to keep your software up to date with new versions, additional features, and fixes to bugs. This fee allows NCR to cover the costs of keeping Counterpoint current in an ever-changing marketplace.

Tier One Support (1+ Stores)

Anyone at the company can call us for any support situations. Tier One Support is available to all RMS clients regardless of number of stores, and users.

Tier Two Support*** (2+ Stores) Secondary support offered at a reduced rate.

With Tier Two Support, you will assign a primary contact who will be responsible for fielding all calls relating to Counterpoint in your organization. Any situations that your primary contact cannot address will be forwarded to RMS by your primary contact.

*** This support service is only offered to clients that have been on the system for a minimum of 1 year, and who operate more than one store on Counterpoint.

How We Approach Technical Support

Our Customer Support line at RMS expedites your support calls to the next available and appropriate person to help solve your problems. RMS has direct Customer Support telephone numbers for your convenience.

Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am – 5pm Central Time

Emergency Support – Evenings & Weekends

All RMS staff members are expected to answer the phone when it rings during our regular business hours. During this time, should all support lines be busy, incoming calls are directed to voicemail and will be responded to by the next available support team member.

You can also email with support questions/concerns which will be addressed within normal business hours.  Please email support@ncrsystems.ca

Support for the NCR Retail Apps (CPMobile, Smart Alerts, Customer Connect) is provided by the NCR Retail Apps support team. Here are the NCR retail apps support team email addresses to send support questions to.

Smart Alerts:

CPMobile and Customer Connect:


Support Process Flow for Incoming Calls

Be precise when stating your situation / request. During regular business hours problems can be solved much faster when you provide precise descriptions of your situation / request, and send us supporting documentation whenever possible. Supporting documentation can include, screen shots, screen grabs, or granting us remote access to the affected terminal.

Support issues are prioritized and addressed based on the following:

URGENT – System Down

The system is not usable at all as a result of hardware, software and/or operating system failure.  Immediate action will be taken by RMS support personnel to rectify the situation.  All other support priorities will be deferred until the client’s system is operational.

HIGH – Processing Impaired

The system is generally operational, but specific applications or hardware may be causing a problem.  An example would be that printing from some application or a station is not processing properly, yet other applications are working correctly.

MEDIUM – Apparent Software Fault

Specific software programs are generally functioning, but certain menu items may be giving results that are contrary to the stated functionality in the software manuals.

LOW – Supplementary Requests

Requests for information on how to use the software or hardware more effectively.  In this case the computer system is functioning properly.

Your situation / request will be addressed / resolved upon your first call, whenever possible. In the event that we cannot address / resolve your situation / request on your first call, a ticket will be created and our team will work on a resolution. You will be contacted once your situation / request has been resolved.

This does not necessarily mean that your problem will be resolved immediately, as computerized information systems are very complex.  Each client situation is different and there are many variables and dependencies which must be considered.

If you do not receive a call within the same day, a follow up call will be made within 48 hours in accordance with priority.

In the event that you experience an URGENT – System Down situation or Essential Process Impairment outside of regular RMS business hours, but during your regular business hours, we encourage you to call our Emergency Support number.

Emergency Support Number: (204)299-9980

URGENT – System Down Description:

  • The system is not usable at all as a result of hardware, software and/or operating system failure.

Essential Process Impairment Description:

  • Key functions of the system are not operational and impeding your ability to process transaction and/or perform important business functions.

After Hours Support Process Flow:

  • If you are experiencing a System Down situation or Essential Process Impairment please call our Emergency Support Number.
  • In the event that your call is not answered we ask you to leave a detailed message.
  • You should expect to receive a call back within 60 minutes of your initial call.
  • Target resolution of your situation is within 4 hours our response to your initial call. However, there are circumstances when the RMS Support Technician will not be able to resolve your situation within our target resolution window. 
  • If same day resolution is not possible, your situation / request will be addressed the next business day. If more time is required to provide you with resolution you will be informed by a member of the RMS support team.

The following are items that are not the responsibility of RMS:

  • The operation of your location’s network and/or Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • The operation of your location’s internet connection.
  • The collection, maintenance, and storage of your location’s data backup.

We hope that the information provided helps to clarify our Customer Support process.  For any support issue that cannot be resolved within the phone call, or email we will add the ‘open issue’ to our own tracking system of outstanding issues.  This ‘open issue’ tracking solution has been implemented to track the statistics related to our support services and continues to be monitored to ensure that we are effective.