NCR Counterpoint provides a customized solution for museums and art galleries

Use one centralized museum point of sale system to manage museum and event admissions, sell items in gift shops and concession stands, track a variety of inventory items, and offer membership programs.

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Increase Speed at Point of Sale

When you have multiple buses arriving simultaneously, it is crucial that you are able to sell tickets and retail purchases quickly.  In addition, second credit card and check authorizations keep your lines flowing.

You can even sell and scan remotely with our Mobile POS. Line bust to help with long waits, set up ticket sales for special events and scan and verify tickets with our hand held scanners.

Enable Online Ticketing

Provide online admissions and reservations for events, tours, classes, parties and educational activities for your museum through NCR Counterpoint Reservation and Ticketing modules (powered by Outbound Software).

Allow your guests the freedom of checking availability, reserving activities or purchasing tickets online or on-site. Webpages are branded to match your website’s look and feel for a streamlined, seamless purchasing process.

Operate with a Centralized System

NCR Counterpoint provides one central museum software system to manage your full operation from memberships and POS ticketing, to inventory and purchasing for your gift shops and concessions

Process transactions of all kinds, including donations, stroller rentals, serialized items, and gifts. Mobile devices allow you to operate at off-site events, such as fundraisers.