Your Complete Cannabis Management System

Built specifically for cannabis operations on the powerful Counterpoint engine, CannaPoint is the only software your cannabis business needs, from seed to sale.

CannaPoint Mariner

RMS is proud to be the exclusive Canadian partner for CannaPoint

Built specifically for cannabis operations on the powerful Counterpoint engine, CannaPoint is the only software your cannabis business needs, from seed to sale. Click here to download the full brochure and learn more.

Crop Management of Plants and Harvesting

More features

  • Harvest/cure setting
    – Wet weight/trim dry
    – Custom work flows
    – Grade cannabis product
  • Monitor Counts
    – Loss
    – Stock location
  • Genealogy tracking
    – Record cannabis plant genetics
    – Track cross breeding and monitor
       clone potency results
    – Forecast future yields
    – Monitor pesticides
    – Log cannabis strain notes
  • Yield forecasting
    Predict yields by future days out based on previous harvest data
    and growing conditions
  • Track converted material back to the source for both quality assurance, batch compliance and testing purposes
  • Accurately record data necessary for cannabis compliance purposes
  • Printing of accurate product labels
  • Manage warehouse transactions
  • Transport manifest—create, submit and store compliant transportation manifests noting vehicle, driver and cargo contained for reconciliation.
  • Track store transfers by METRC manifest number
  • Transfer restrictions of cannabis product to stores
  • Mobile computing for product transfers both in and out
  • Up-to-the-minute inventory picture
    – Manage cannabis inventory levels to control cost
    – Always know what is in stock, growing and in transit
    – Track Inventory movements and turn rate
    – Use built-in merchandising reports to analyze current        levels, spot sales trends, an make better buying                  decisions
  • Maintain reporting needs on grown and third party flower
  • Easily update prices globally — all stores and warehouse
  • Tracks Terpene codes by cannabis strain
  • User screen to maintain strain information
  • Integrated cannabis physical inventory tracking between in store and METRC
  • Fully integrated with e-commerce site utilizing one inventory system
  • Easy to use and maintain without needing a full time web person
  • Order online—pick up at store
  • Integrated gift card with store and web
  • Eliminate charge for 3rd party gift cards
  • Leverage your customer data to do targeted marketing
  • Design campaigns to build your brand and create new sales opportunities
  • Use reporting tools to refine your marketing for maximum returns
  • Decrease advertising spending while increasing its effectiveness
  • Create recurring campaigns such as:
    – New customer welcomes
    – Loyalty program statements
    – Birthday emails

Integration with Government Cannabis Agency for Reporting and Compliance

  • Integration to Provincial & Federal METRC reporting and tracking systems
  • Integrations are totally automated and scheduled daily
  • Cannabis compliance focused
    – Automatically enforce limits
    – Print compliant labels
    – Create transportation manifests
  • Go paperless
  • Track growing plants, manage transplant schedules, monitor movement of items to various growing locations, verifying physical inventories (counts), conversions and
    repacking with our wireless hand-held device
  • Increase accuracy
  • Reduce time needed for tracking cannabis inventory
  • Devices save time and increase accuracy for functions like sticking of cannabis plants, transplanting, physical counts, grading and area moves
  • Sales trends
  • Inventory forensics
  • Cannabis shipment management
  • Predictive Yields
  • Sales trends—identify best sellers and calculate sell through rate
  • Tax Report—calculate and document tax obligations, deductions, and liability
  • Configure report—reporting ease of use easily getting to your data
  • With CannaPoint you can determine what you need to grow based on sales history and replenishment of stock and medical plant counts by license
  • CannaPoint helps you plan what you need to grow utilizing the built-in planting schedule which encompasses analyzing data from
    previous years’ activity and harvest batches CannaPoint monitors all aspects of growing and availability
  • The CannaPoint Production Module is fully integrated in our Business Management Systems
  • CannaPoint Manages sales by employee, store and company wide with sales history reports
  • The CannaPoint system includes handling supplier’s orders and receiving, maintaining customers with medical cards, loyalty program and past history, printing inventory control and printing sales analysis reports
  • Included apps can provide managed alerts to staff personnel, email marketing system for vendors and customers, mobile wireless systems and web based ordering system
  • The CannaPoint system is able to verify ages, medical cards and valid ID cards based on easy one-step check-in process at point-of-sale registers
  • CannaPoint monitors inventory quantities and Provincial and Federal reporting in single software package
  • System menu is accessed based on user’s profile
  • Security access is based on user’s role
  • Reports for medical vs recreational sales and inventory
  • Sales reporting based on cannabis strains and grades
  • All documents, forms and reports can be reprinted on demand
  • All data is maintained in the database for easy access to any report or form
  • All reports can be run for a specific day or any date range
  • Search cannabis product by batch number and METRC tag
  • Includes all required PST & GST/HST and sales tax reporting
  • Drawer open and close notifications
  • Drawer alerts
  • Integration available between CannaPoint and your general ledger and accounts payable packages
  • Integrated API for packages and sales