Your Complete Cannabis Management System … Seed to Sale

Crop Management of Plants and Harvesting

  • Complete cannabis test results retained in database for microbial, potency and residual testing
  • Reporting available on pass/fail batches
  • Generate reports for any activity related to testing batches
  • Batch tracking and weight reconciliation between METRC and CannaPoint
  • METRC tag tracking from harvesting to “sale” transactions
  • Integrated label printing for all items
  • Handles conversions and re-packaging

Integration with Government Cannabis Agency for Reporting and Compliance

  • Integration to Provincial & Federal METRC reporting and tracking systems
  • Integrations are totally automated and scheduled daily
  • Cannabis compliance focused
    – Automatically enforce limits
    – Print compliant labels
    – Create transportation manifests
  • Go paperless
  • Track growing plants, manage transplant schedules, monitor movement of items to various growing locations, verifying physical inventories (counts), conversions and
    repacking with our wireless hand-held device
  • Increase accuracy
  • Reduce time needed for tracking cannabis inventory
  • Devices save time and increase accuracy for functions like sticking of cannabis plants, transplanting, physical counts, grading and area moves
  • Track converted material back to the source for both quality assurance, batch compliance and testing purposes
  • Accurately record data necessary for cannabis compliance purposes
  • Printing of accurate product labels
  • Manage warehouse transactions
  • Transport manifest—create, submit and store compliant transportation manifests noting vehicle, driver and cargo contained for reconciliation.
  • Track store transfers by METRC manifest number
  • Transfer restrictions of cannabis product to stores
  • Mobile computing for product transfers both in and out
  • Up-to-the-minute inventory picture
    – Manage cannabis inventory levels to control cost
    – Always know what is in stock, growing and in transit
    – Track Inventory movements and turn rate
    – Use built-in merchandising reports to analyze current        levels, spot sales trends, an make better buying                  decisions
  • Maintain reporting needs on grown and third party flower
  • Easily update prices globally — all stores and warehouse
  • Tracks Terpene codes by cannabis strain
  • User screen to maintain strain information
  • Integrated cannabis physical inventory tracking between in store and METRC
  • Fully integrated with e-commerce site utilizing one inventory system
  • Easy to use and maintain without needing a full time web person
  • Integrations are available to Shopify or Magento
  • Leverage your customer data to do targeted marketing
  • Design campaigns to build your brand and create new sales opportunities
  • Use reporting tools to refine your marketing for maximum returns
  • Decrease advertising spending while increasing its effectiveness
  • Create recurring campaigns such as:
    – New customer welcomes
    – Loyalty program statements
    – Birthday emails
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  • System menu is accessed based on user’s profile
  • Security access is based on user’s role
  • Reports for medical vs recreational sales and inventory
  • Sales reporting based on cannabis strains and grades
  • All documents, forms and reports can be reprinted on demand
  • All data is maintained in the database for easy access to any report or form
  • All reports can be run for a specific day or any date range
  • Search cannabis product by batch number and METRC tag
  • Includes all required PST & GST/HST and sales tax reporting
  • Drawer open and close notifications
  • Drawer alerts
  • Integration available between CannaPoint and your general ledger and accounts payable packages
  • Integrated API for packages and sales
  • Sales trends
  • Inventory forensics
  • Cannabis shipment management
  • Predictive Yields
  • Sales trends—identify best sellers and calculate sell through rate
  • Tax Report—calculate and document tax obligations, deductions, and liability
  • Configure report—reporting ease of use easily getting to your data
  • With CannaPoint you can determine what you need to grow based on sales history and replenishment of stock and medical plant counts by license
  • CannaPoint helps you plan what you need to grow utilizing the built-in planting schedule which encompasses analyzing data from
    previous years’ activity and harvest batches CannaPoint monitors all aspects of growing and availability
  • The CannaPoint Production Module is fully integrated in our Business Management Systems
  • CannaPoint Manages sales by sales agent, store and company wide with sales history reports
  • The CannaPoint system includes handling supplier’s orders and receiving, maintaining retail customers, loyalty program and past history, printing inventory control and printing sales analysis reports
  • Included apps can provide managed alerts to staff personnel, email marketing system for vendors and customers, mobile wireless systems and web based ordering system
  • The CannaPoint system is able to verify your client’s ship to, distribution centers, and manage drop-ship orders
  • CannaPoint monitors inventory quantities and Provincial and Federal reporting in single software package
  • Harvest/cure setting
    – Wet weight/trim dry
    – Custom work flows
    – Grade cannabis product
  • Monitor Counts
    – Loss
    – Stock location
  • Genealogy tracking
    – Record cannabis plant genetics
    – Track cross breeding and monitor
       clone potency results
    – Forecast future yields
    – Monitor pesticides
    – Log cannabis strain notes
  • Yield forecasting
    Predict yields by future days out based on previous harvest data
    and growing conditions