RMS CounterPoint-Shopify Integration

Shopify is the number one preferred eCommerce platform for Retailers. It has the ability to scale up based on the size of your company and your eCommerce needs. It is an easy platform to learn and use and it has the added benefit of having many individuals who are familiar with it or have used it. This is advantageous for businesses in making it easy to find staff that can maintain and update your site with out costly learning curves. 

Shopify can also be used as your complete website. This has the benefit of making it easy for your staff to maintain the site. There are also many paid and free plug-ins that can help in adding a variety of features.

Shopify keeps your site secure and safe with regular security updates. This makes it easy for most businesses to be able to maintain the key aspects of your site that only you and your staff would know, while making sure that you don’t have to worry about keeping the site from being hacked. Shopify charges a base and percentage of sales fees for this service which are in addition to any of our fees.

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Shopify Integration Benefits

The efficiency gained through this Integration will increase your overall productivity, eliminate the customer service issues between your brick & mortar and online locations, resulting in greater profitability sooner, and a superior Customer experience.

The integration will manage the inventories between your physical locations and your e-commerce site, syncing the available quantities, allocating purchases made on the online store and communicating that to the brick and mortar locations. The reverse, removing purchases made in the brick and mortar stores and removing them from the available to sell on the online store, is also true.


Any changes in your brick and mortar locations, such as sales and returns, inventory allocations, new inventory receipts, return to vendors, and inventory adjustments will automatically update the online store.

Other item details, such as item description, regular and promotion prices, item weights, as well item classifiers that may be used as “tags” for the purposes of online item merchandising. These can be effectively managed and synced between CounterPoint and the e-commerce platform.

Orders placed on the online store would download into CounterPoint advising your staff to pick, complete and ship the orders. Then subsequently transfer the order details to your online platform to process payment and notify your clients.

The standard sync cycle runs every 15 minutes, and can be changed based on your business needs.

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