RMS eCommerce Solutions

Our CounterPoint Integrations

eCommerce has become an integral part of most businesses – retail or wholesale.

Over the years, many organizations have attempted to integrate e-commerce solutions. These attempts have had varying degrees of success. We have seen some platforms being successful in providing user-friendly and powerful solutions that have evolved with new technologies and reshaping the consumers’ behaviours.

To that end, RMS has developed integration modules to the Shopify and WooCommerce platforms. These integrations will allow your business to maintain all the details of your item in the powerful CounterPoint system, and automatically update your online platform every few minutes.

If these platforms don’t meet your needs, our RMS Programming Team can also develop a Custom Integration from your CounterPoint System to an eCommerce platform you use. Please contact us for more details.

RMS Web Design, Maintenance & Hosting

RMS Web Design, Maintenance & Hosting has been developed to assist you to take your business to the next level. Having your products and services available to be purchased is one thing. Providing your customers with a unique experience is about using the right fixturing, merchandising, paint, furnishings, and aesthetic expression. 

Often, your website is the first thing your clients see and the impression you make can entice them to come in, or keep surfing. For your regular customers, your site has to be engaging and kept fresh. This is critical in today’s business. 

Yet even the websites that succeed at this sizzle, fail to obtain result in eCommerce success. Obtaining that balance between aesthetics and sell-thru is difficult to achieve. Our Team’s focus is ensuring that your customers remain enticed and engaged, and that your products and services remain front and center for your customers. 

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